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Pricing & Payment

We offer an affordable mailbox rental rate, with the added conveniences of the location near your home and the use of your house address for delivery.

No partial year billing options and no refunds.  

Renewals:  Due the first of the month following your contract period. Invoices will be sent as reminders during the last month of your contract.

An additional prorated amount can be paid with your renewal to increase the contract period to a new billing month. We understand the holidays can make for a forgetful & hard time to renew your mailbox rent.  Let us know if you would like to extend your contract 1-11 months with your additional payment and we will change your billing cycle! 

Existing customers can contact us if sale of their home is in process and they'd like to extend their contract by only 1-4 months until moved out.  A prorated amount for these months will be charged.  No refunds will be issued.

Payment:  Checks or Cash are requested with initial rental contract.  Renewals can be paid via check, cash or online payment.

We accept payment up to 2 years in advance and overpayments of any increment, they will show as a credit on the next year's billing statement.

To Pay by Credit/Debit or Paypal Account, select the Pay Now button below.  It will redirect you to the PayPal secure payment site.  
You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to pay online.  

1. Enter the amount you are paying in the Price per item field then click on Continue (numbers only, no $sign).

2. On Pay with Paypal screen, Log in with your Paypal account OR click on Pay with Debit or Credit Card below the Log in button.  

3. By entering an email address as part of your contact info, a payment receipt will be emailed to you from Paypal.

4. After clicking on the Pay Now button at the bottom of the page, the next page may ask you to complete your Paypal account setup but you can opt out.  You may have to uncheck the box to not set up an account or select  No Thanks before it will complete your transaction.

Rate Comparison 

Mailboxes R Us $85 per year

UPS Store   (small box) $156 per year

Post Office: Wasilla, Meadow Lakes or Palmer (sz. 2 box) $160 per year

Post Office: Big Lake (sz. 2 box) $130 per year

Post Office: Knik or Brentwood (sz. 2 box) $154 per year

Post Office: Anchorage or Eagle River  (sz. 2 box) $200 per year
(Commonly used by valley commuters originally from these areas)

View contract  

The contract is a pdf file that can be viewed and printed.  It also includes procedures for setting up mail delivery service to a roadside box.  The form can be filled out and mailed or scanned and emailed to us.  Here is the form portion of the contract in Word.  Contact us if you prefer to have these documents mailed or emailed to you.  We do not have a fax machine.  We will review your information and mailbox availability in your area then contact you.

WASILLA, AK 99654                                                                    907-373-7568
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