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Box Rental Information
Mailboxes-R-US (MBRUS) owns and maintains the CBU, leasing out the mailboxes to residents within an area defined by the local Postmaster. 

An annual contract will be issued by MBRUS to the lessee. 
You cannot sublet or resell your assigned mailbox.  


MBRUS issues two keys with each mailbox when the contract is signed and payment received.  Extra keys can be made by the local locksmith. If MBRUS provides replacement keys, it will cost $30. Replacement locks are available for $50 and can take 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.  The Post Office does not have any keys for the individual mailboxes, only a master key to access the front of the unit for mail delivery.  



The Post Office prefers that you use the house number & street address issued to you by the Matanuska-Susitna Borough to receive mail in a CBU.   If you are unsure of your house number and street address, it is available from the Mat-Su Borough and is also printed on your property tax assessment card or bill.  We can help you find the address they have on file.  If there is an error with your address (driveway on different street then stated, etc.), please contact the Borough; the Post Office cannot make changes to an address issued by the Borough.  

MBRUS will notify the local Postmaster of your new mailbox – the box number assigned to you, your name and physical address.  The box number assigned to you does NOT become part of your mailing address.  A label will be put inside your box with your name and address on it to help the USPS Mail Carrier identify it for delivery purposes.


HC BOX address

If you are currently using an HC BOX address you will need to file PS Form 5431 in person at the Wasilla Carrier Annex for your mail to be forwarded from your HC BOX address to your street address.  They require that you bring photo id and proof of your street address (Borough tax assesment or bill).  This is the ONLY form showing your change of address that you will need to file with USPS.  The Post Office provides mail forwarding to your street address for 1 year. This gives you time to notify your utility, insurance and credit card companies, employers, doctors, bank, the IRS, MSB and DMV, magazines, family, friends and anyone else you may receive mail from.  

PO Box, PMB, other mail facility address or 
New Resident 
If you do not have an existing roadside mailbox and you live in the Wasilla area, you will need to apply, in person, at the Wasilla Carrier Annex for mail delivery service using PS Form 5431.  They require that you bring a photo id and proof of your street address (Borough tax assessment or bill).  The Postmaster will verify your street address and your mail delivery location (the street/intersection on mail carrier route that is closest to your home).  This needs to be done before you can receive mail in the box assigned to you.  Palmer area residents do not need to go thru this process at their Post Office but we will verify your street address with the Borough database before assigning a box to you and notifying the Post Office of your delivery information.

Once the local Postmaster has been notified of your box assignment it can take up to 2 weeks to have delivery service setup in their system.  When this delivery setup is complete, you can file a Change of Address form available online at or in the Mover's Guide packet available at the Post Office.  After this form is filed and confirmed by the USPS (1-2 week process), they will forward your first-class mail to your street address for one year.  This gives you time to notify your utility, insurance and credit card companies, employers, doctors, bank, the IRS, MSB and DMV, magazines, family, friends and anyone else you might receive mail from.

It is highly recommended that you keep your alternate mailbox during this 3-4 week transition period for new delivery service & mail forwarding setup.  You will be less likely to miss any mail or have it returned to sender by the Postal Service.


While it is not necessary to notify us if you move, it is appreciated if you do. Whether or not you pass the keys along to the new homeowners, please let them know they can contact us to continue to use the mailbox.  If we don't hear from the new residents, the lock on the mailbox will be changed in preparation for someone else to use.



There are 2 parcel compartments for receiving small packages or large bundles of mail.  The mail carrier will put a key to one of these into your mailbox when you receive a package.  The id on the key will tell you which box contains your parcel.  Once you access the compartment to retrieve the package, the key will remain in the door.  Only the Mail Carrier can remove the key from the door.  If your package does not fit into one of the 2 compartments, you will receive a notice that you have a package waiting for you to pick up and where to pick it up at (Post Office or Wasilla Annex).


Sending Mail

Each CBU has an outgoing mail slot that is only accessible by the USPS Mail Carrier.  Make sure the mail piece is pushed all the way into the slot and not resting on the shelf in the opening.  We encourage everyone to use this as a safer, more secure way of sending mail.

View contract  MBRUS_CBU_contract_website.pdf
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The contract is a pdf file that can be viewed and printed.  It also includes the information above on procedures for setting up mail delivery service to a roadside box.  The form can be filled out and mailed or scanned and emailed to us.  Here is the form portion in Word: MBRUS_contract_Application.doc66.5 KB.  Contact us if you prefer to have these documents mailed or emailed to you.  We do not have a fax machine.  We will review your information and mailbox availability in your area, then contact you to setup a time to meet at the CBU.

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